I’m a Rum Lover and closeted rum geek. I like to sail… to laugh… and to drink rum… and to talk about rum. But it’s often lonely out here.

I wish more people shared my appreciation and enjoyment of rum, especially people in the hospitality world. Too often I find myself at restaurants and bars with terrible selections of Rum.  I  live in a sailing town where most places  stock at least the basic Mount Gay and Goslings with a likely white Bacardi, and if you’re “lucky” they have Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry, but not much else… that. is. simply. inadequate… unsatisfactory even.

I want that to change.

So this is my Blog about Rum.  As a Rum enthusiast, I intend to write about all things Rum from an amateur’s perspective. I don’t have the training nor the refined palate of some of the reviewers around, so I won’t attempt to write flowery reviews about ‘notes of chocolate almond milk on the front end’, but I do have opinions and preferred tastes that I won’t be shy about sharing.  If I gave any thought about rating what I drink, it would be in very simple terms.   A very basic style of rating I’d imagine would boil down to about three categories or grades:   1- I’d buy a bottle;  2- I’d buy a serving;  3- Won’t waste my money.

When trying to make sense of others’ opinions, I think you have to come to an understanding of the individual reviewer’s preferences and biases in order to get a feel for the real value of the Rum being reviewed.  In the perfect world we’d all find a reviewer or two we trust and understand, but tastes are so individual  and only individual experience matters.  So… I think I’ll just Drink, Discuss, Drink and learn.

I find that I really like it when someone lists their top 5 or 10 favorites.  Assuming some level of common tasting experience, It gives me a better feel of how their tastes might compare to mine.  While a Melville-like description of the tastes and sensations in a published review may be fun to read, I find my own tastes change too often to make any particular grading more than a snapshot in time .  Hell, most of us can’t give a consistent answer about what our favorite rums are, so how does a rating of “96” translate to an individual and personal value judgement over anything more than a week?  I’m certainly not skilled enough to handle that task.

My day job as a systems engineer in the aerospace industry involves working with a broad spectrum of people in a variety of positions in both national and international environments. Because I work constantly with people and organizations that have very different viewpoints and different priorities… though usually toward similar ends… I appreciate the difficulties and  challenges involved in developing consensus on contentious issues; and the Rum world certainly has its contentious issues.  In that light, the technical, business and political implications in the world of Rum pique my interest and will likely get much of my attention.

I’m particularly interested in the Honesty in Labeling and Rum Classification debates and have opinions and ideas that I’d like to contribute to the discussion.  I hope my contributions will be positive and even valuable.

The original motivation behind writing this blog is my difficulty in finding places that offer interesting and varied selections of rum on their menus or store shelves.  The immediate impetus was a conversation I had with the spirits buyer at one of my local hangouts about expanding their selection of quality rum.  It wasn’t the first conversation like that with other buyers and managers, but that interaction inspired me to me write a few thoughts on how I might help improve things. I also want to highlight those places that already do it well.

I’m also a hater.  I admit it, I am a genuine hater of the archaic three tiered system of alcohol distribution and control that the US has endured since the end of Prohibition. The three tier system is corrupt, serves only the well financed and well connected and needs to be reformed.

In short, discussion of Rum’s current events, Rum History, the future of Rum and the enjoyment of Rum will all have places here.

I hope you enjoy it.